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Statement by War Criminals Watch on Academic Freedon and Feith at Harvard

Harvard continues to tolerate torture and massive covert domestic spying as Douglas Feith remains employed as an Adjunct Visiting Scholar at Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government. Harvard legitimizes Douglas Feith and his instrumental actions in drawing up documents that explained the supposed ties between Saddam Hussein and al Qaeda. The rationalization of secret surveillance with polite academic discourse and arguments of academic freedom, the First Amendment and due process is unacceptable. Harvard continues to do nothing to repudiate Feith's deliberate thwarting of professional responsibility. Harvard University and the Kennedy School of Government provide safe harbor for Douglas Feith to be shielded from investigation, dismissal and prosecution for war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Douglas Feith did not take orders from the top to legalize and implement a domestic spying program and state torture – he spearheaded the operations. The secret collection and data-mining program and secret surveillance were instigated and implemented by Douglas Feith.

When academia accepts Douglas Feith as providing "the other side of the debate," it neglects confronting reality and the dire consequences for the future of legality. Harvard has sent the message that “Visiting Scholar” outlasts rampant illegal, immoral, and illegitimate decisions to be carried out in creating new standards in which surveillance and torture are viewed as normative. Harvard stands for strengthening draconian laws for empire and shielding Douglas Feith from accountability and repudiation.

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