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From Code Pink

A few days after we marched with thousands of anti-war activists calling for diplomacy in Ukraine, we were arrested by Capitol police for telling Secretary of State Antony Blinken to do his job during a congressional hearing.

During the hearing, we stood up one by one, echoing our demands from March 18. We told Blinken the people want negotiations in Ukraine, cooperation with China, cooperation with Cuba and Venezuela, and an end to support for apartheid Israel. We were all arrested and taken to jail just for being voices for peace.

After we called for diplomacy in Ukraine and China, CODEPINKer Samantha Wherry stood up and called on Blinken to take Cuba off the state sponsor of terrorism list. We also called for lifting sanctions on Venezuela and called out the $3.8 billion of taxpayer dollars the U.S. sends to further the occupation of Palestine.

See the report in the Washington Post.

See Ann Wright, World Can't Wait advisor, holding sign in photo at left above.


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