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By Pamela Drew via NYC Free Assange

Full photo album at Flickr.

Press Freedom Advocates Appeal for Julian's Freedom. Publishing is not a crime.

Saturday December 10th Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters with Steven Donziger, Sevim Dagdelen and Ben Cohen were among the speakers outside the British Consulate in New York City to call for the release of WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange.

Assange has never been convicted of any crime but has been held in UK GITMO under terrorist conditions since April 11, 2019. In violation of International Law for asylum granted political refugees London police ripped Julian from the Ecuadorian Embassy to be jailed indefinitely.

While Roger Waters still plays to stadiums of sell out crowds he shows up for small groups of targeted people around the world appearing from Palestine to Latin America to stand in solidarity. Roger features human rights abuse sin his concerts, without fanfare or yielding to pressure of unfavorable press coverage.

Following “This Is Not A Drill” tour he was put on the Azov Ukrainian “Kill-List“. It’s a big testament to Roger’s courage to speak in open, public spaces, including many in NYC since Julian’s April 11, 2019 kidnapping from the Ecuadorian Embassy, London.

Corporate media presstitutes were nowhere in sight. Despite outreach efforts by NYCFreeAssange and   Assange Defense Committee detailing events in NYC, cities across Australia and HMP Belmarsh (UK GITMO) in London where Julian has been held in isolation, like a terrorist, for almost four years now.

But it’s only Free Speech on the chopping block. The New York Times did sign the letter by global publishers opposing Julian’s extradition as a threat to democracy.

It only took three years for one American outlet to make a token effort to take a stand. How much can we demand or expect? Every global media group has headquarters around Times Square and ten minute walk or $3 taxi from Eighth Ave to Second.

We need to give a hat tip to our propaganda news and social media censorship; when the world’s most transformative figure in publishing since the printing press, can be tortured in London, in full view and turnout is dwarfed by Black Friday shoppers.

The job the Fourth Estate abandon and betray is left to adversarial journalists and concerned citizens. Lucky us, we have the best democracy money can buy.  What follows is a thumbnail bio for additional speakers.

Randy Credico has been one of the most active organizers on behalf of Julian for several years, taking the lead to producehigh profile events and provide a platform for correcting the smears and spin while amplifying the work of WikiLeaks associated journalists and global figures fighting for press freedoms. His comedic talent added to his passion for the causemake him a perfect Master of Ceremonies every time. His radio show Live on the Fly airs on WBAI Radio and streams online.

Lending her voice on the frigid, NYC winter day, legendary Civil Rights attorney Margaret Ratner Kunstler. An unwavering defender of free press, Julian Assange and WikiLeaks she spoke about the fundamental threats to democracy posed by charging a publisher for exposing criminality, corruption and war crimes in the public interest.

Consortium News Editor, veteran investigative journalist Joe Lauria joined livestream crews and speakers outside the British consulate in NYC to support Julian Assange. Video is posted with Joe’s report of the event.

Veteran radio and TV political analyst and high profile, Twitter banned, voice of reason Garland Nixon host of NewsViews with Garland on Apple podcasts, KPFK Radio, Sputnik Radio and Rokfin.

According to Wikipedia Max Blumenthal is both extreme left & right wing fringe simultaneously, perhaps the best Orwellian description of oligarchy opposition. As founder and editor of The Grayzone their investigative reports expose propaganda and fraud, CIA coups in Latin America and CIA plot to assassinate Julian Assange.

Supporters in the crowd, Grayzone author Aaron Maté known for Syrian War coverage uncovering White Helmets fraud, false flag, gas attack and OPCW whistleblowers. Their Push Back podcast includes both Max and Aaron.

Longest distance traveled award goes to Sevim Dagdelen who crossed the Atlantic to represent the German Bundestag supporters of Julian Assange. The Bundestag coalition, equivalent to US Congress recently introduced legislation demanding and end to the extradition process and prosecution of a journalist and publisher.

Steven Donziger is an environmental lawyer who was prosecuted and jailed in private suit by Chevron in retaliation for an historic judgement in lawsuits for indigenous peoples in Ecuador sickened and killed by toxic dumping by the oil giant. Former UK Ambassador Craig Murray has an excellent recap of the case here.

Katie Halper got a warm hug and glowing introduction by Steve Donziger who credits her Media campaign on his behalf for an early release from prison on contempt charge resulting from Donziger’s refusal to give Chevron his laptop contents with confidential client information. Katie hosts the podcast The Katie Halper Show and co-hosted podcast Useful Idiots with Matt Taibbi.

Nick Brana is National Chair · People's Party Building a major new progressive populist party in America formed the party after the 2016 presidential election. People's Party describes its aim as "forming a major new political party free of corporate money and influence".

Among the most active forces in the background doing organizing and events in both NYC and Washington is Chuck Zlatkin. Along with Bernadette Evangelist who often eludes the cameras and gets a literal tip of the hat in the picture.

As founders of NYCFreeAssange the pair have quietly taken the movement from a handful outside The New York Times with weekly vigils, into a series of powerful lectures and crowded events.

Many in the crowd have been protesting many cases of human rights abuses around the globe and tirelessly advocate for political prisoners. Marty Goodman may be the poster child for eternal hope and endless campaigns for justice; he is a familiar face wherever there are feet in the streets of NYC opposing injustice.

Veterans for Peace are another group who have members at every FreeAssange event as well as a full spectrum of actions involving cases of human rights abuses and government criminality. Their commitment to peace and individual freedom is apparent with VFP flags in the crowd for every NYC human rights rally.

Lastly and perhaps most memorable of the individuals who have shown up week after week for over three years is Danny. He has been outside New York Times HQ and Grand Central vigils since age twelve. Danny is as passionate as ever about the importance of Julian’s freedom and as inspiring and informed as any parent could hope for a child. He moved around too much to get a good pic so here’s one from a few years ago where all that is changed is depth of maturity.

Hats off & thanks all who show up, stand up, speak out.. see you in the streets.



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