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Andy Worthington January 11 rally at the White House to Close Guantanamo. Watch the rally here on the video.

Jan 9: Witness Against Torture at the Supreme Court "We Target. We Torture. We Terrify. Who Are We?" - part of their week-long Fast for Justice.

Debra outside the White House with the Trump/Pence Must Go sign and Seth Farber of The Talking Dog holding World Can't Wait "NO! Close it NOW" poster.

On January 11, about 100 people protested at the White House on the 17th anniversary of the date the Bush regime opened Guantanamo to the first of 779 prisoners.  Nine have died; 730 were released, many to uncertain and isolated situations; 40 remain.  These are the Trump/Pence regime's "forever prisoners," even though some have been cleared for release for years.  There are no prospects for any of the prisoners to be released through the courts. The Trump/Pence regime has no office managing release of the cleared men.  Trump threatens further to re-fill Guantanamo "with bad guys."

NO! Close it Now!

Anyone who wishes to understand the history and current status of Guantanamo would do well to check out these video and radio interviews with Andy Worthington made during his visit to the US this month for the Guantanamo anniversary.

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