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21 8/8/23 A New, Chilling Secret About the Manhattan Project Has Just Been Made Public 364
22 8/7/23 Judge Sides With Abu Ghraib Torture Survivors, Refuses to Dismiss Historic Case Against U.S. Military Contractor CACI 437
23 8/4/23 Rapid Dragon: the US military game-changer that could affect conventional and nuclear strategy and arms control negotiations 353
24 7/20/23 Declassified Documents Shed A Light on U.S. Drone Warfare in Pakistan 432
25 7/15/23 Three steps being taken to possibly prepare to attack Russia, and perhaps China 457
26 7/14/23 The crimes and dangers of Elliott Abrams 353
27 7/9/23 Iraq’s Climate Crisis 348
28 6/30/23 U.S. Depleted Uranium to Make Ukraine War Dirtier 513
29 6/26/23 Conditions at Guantánamo Are Cruel and Inhuman, U.N. Investigation Finds 480
30 6/8/23 I Crashed Henry Kissinger’s 100th-Birthday Party 423
31 6/5/23 Biden Appoints Strong Candidate For Nuremberg-Style War Crimes Tribunal As New Head of Joint Chiefs of Staff 524
32 6/4/23 U.N. Body Condemns Torture of Guantánamo Prisoner Awaiting Capital Trial 496
33 5/31/23 Pentagon is blocking U.S. cooperation with international investigations of war crimes in Ukraine 445
34 5/16/23 How Death Outlives War: The Reverberating Impact of the Post-9/11 Wars on Human Health 403
35 5/11/23 How art liberated a Pakistani man freed after 20 years of injustice in Guantanamo 636
36 4/28/30 Ron DeSantis in Guantánamo: how questions about his past haunt the Florida governor 408
37 4/28/23 ‘Crimes against humanity’: UN body calls for release of Guantánamo inmate 407
38 4/27/23 Investigation Details How Gas Industry Exploited Ukraine War to Boost LNG Expansion 374
39 4/19/23 Ukraine Leaks Punch Hole in War Propaganda 503
40 4/14/23 In Black Site Reenactment, Former CIA Psychologist Orders Defense Attorney "Into the Box" 529
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